Noobhammer Episode 39 White Dwarfed

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In today’s episode, Jason and I discuss some hobby progress, our initial thoughts on the Imperial Knights, and an in depth review of the new White Dwarf format. Enjoy!

ODAM 12: The Helbrute Deathslaughterkillmurderfist Pack

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Hey guys, we’re back with this month’s installment of everyone’s favorite international podcast coalition. Ashley is preparing for Adepticon, Phil is babbling about some foreign gathering called Salute, which is either a gaming convention or a gay nightclub, and we try to understand the latest bit of nonsense to come out of Nottingham. I also announce an important life event, which Jason and the boys promptly mock. Par for the course, really.

Noobhammer Episode 38: Don’t Be A Dick

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We discuss some of the finer points of etiquette after being at two tourneys in which this wasn’t always followed. Jason also discusses the new killteam rule set which we will test out in the near future. Also,  a contest emerges from Jason’s newfound hobby snobbery. Enjoy!

ODAM 11 Angry Ashley

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The gang’s all here, but we all start to sound like Phil after a while. No, not the accent. The RAGE. We talk about hobby progress, which makes Ashley mad, we talk about Tyrannids, which makes Ashley angrier, we then move onto rumors, which makes Ashley enraged. Then we talk about accounting. This does not please her. Enjoy!

ODAM10 Christmas Special

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We all got together before the holidays to have a look back at 2013 and what we hoped would come to be in 2014. Don’t worry, none of us learned any important lessons or had a life changing epiphany, it isn’t that kind of Christmas special. Enjoy!

Noobhammer Episode 37: Stop, Don’t Touch Me There

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A big thanks to the folks at Ecamm, I use their product to record my skype calls and a random glitch had me convinced that this episode was lost to the warp. Their customer service team not only patched the program to prevent future problems, they also took the time to build me an app to fix my files. In this episode, we talk to Ross about his Tanksgiving tourney, discuss some of the dark elf releases and then a post-show ramble turns into a bonus segment about the Black Legion supplement and some basic list building shop-talk. Enjoy!

Noobhammer Episode 36: MARINES….IN….SPAAAAAAACE!!!!

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This one’s a big’un. (That’s what she said.) In this episode we explore the changes to the space marine codex, I cover a local tournament and Jason and I have an argument with ourselves which we both lose. We also discuss Jason’s first game with his nurgle demons and my attempt to make him hate the army and sell it to me. Enjoy!

ODAM 9: The Great Unclean One

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The international podcast coalition has returned to amuse, entertain and possibly…educate? Probably not that last one. but we try. John returns from his sabbatical in which, as I understand it, he became a furry. There was something about giant Cats. Ashley, Jason, Adam, Phil and I are also there to help keep things on track. We give our thoughts on the new Dark Elves, which swiftly sidetracks into the cost of the hobby, and then further sidetracks straight off the rails when Jason asks some pointed questions about his new sculpting project. Enjoy!

Absolution Podcast Warpstorm Edition

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We’re almost back in action with our campaign, hopefully next week Jon will return. For now, Jared and I deliver some battle reports and catch everyone up on what the future of the league will entail. Also, that Jon guy is a total WAAC. Seriously.

Noobhammer Episode 35: Enchanted

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We’re back for our 34th 35th episode. It’s just kind of a catch-up episode, we talk about where we are in the hobby, what we are excited about in the newest set of releases and how our games have gone lately. Next episode should involve a more in-depth look at space-marines and coverage of an 1850 pt 40k tournament this weekend. We’re going to try to get Jon on for a better discussion of the lizardmen as well for all you square-basers out there. Enjoy!

Absolution Campaign Podcast Week 13

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This week we have a special message from Inquisitor Falx, Jared and I have a chaos on Chaos battle, Ross continues to gloat about his victories and the battle for Port Sturmford ends with a bang.


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We’re back again with July’s installment of the Of Dice and Men Podcast. As usual, expect much rambling, name calling and warmachine bashing (sorry if you’re a fan. No, really, I feel sorry for you.) Also, I sincerely apologize to Nathan Fillion for the comments made by some of my co-hosts. For those who we didn’t explicitly offend in this episode, please enjoy.

Noobhammer Episode 34: Handicapable

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Episode 34 is packed with content, starting with our impressions of the new apoc release, the leaked lizards and a review of a depressing tournament outing. We then move into a comparison of Dark Angels and cChaos Space Marines with Jon and Jared. It ended abruptly when a passing warpstorm destroyed my connection, but we had devolved into inane chatter by then so I cut it short. Enjoy!

Absolution Podcast Week 10

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In this week’s installment, we cover the usual campaign business, some bloody battles are recounted and we hype the August campaign based massacre. SATURDAY AUGUST 3RD, THE BATTLE FOR PORT STURMFORD. WHO WILL BE VICTORIOUS? BE THERE TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!! Kinda like that. Enjoy.

Absolution Podcast Week 9

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Skype behaved itself this week so we’re back on release schedule. Yay! In this episode Ross convinces me to quit 40k and start a less soul-crushing hobby like badminton. F*cking Deathleaper…..

Absolution Podcast Week 8

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After a string of skype fails, here is the week 8 update. Hope you enjoy.

Absolution Podcast Weeks 6-7

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Jared and Jon join me again for some more narrative campaign updates. I detail yet another loss, but hopefully in the weeks ahead I can turn this streak around. Enjoy the coverage and tune in for week 8 in a few days.

Absolution Podcast Week 5

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The carnage continues and the plot thickens. We learn of rewards to be gained by being the first to conquer and find some cool steal-able/trade-able artifacts. Also, Jon and I discuss our game in which he completely falls for the Alpha Legion’s trap.


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For those that only get the ODAM episodes I sincerely apologize for skipping this episode. Has nothing to do with the fact I’m only in half of it, honest. There is much ranting and raging (more so than usual) and we discuss the latest releases in the hobby. Enjoy!

Absolution Podcast: Week 4

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After some delays, we are back on track with week 4. A trio of battle reports round out the usual status updates and I unveil my new tactic of winning by losing. Absolution could very well become a war of attrition, and my first two games, though losses, decimate my opponent’s forces while leaving mine mostly intact. we shall see if this approach pays off as the league marches forward.

Absolution Podcast: Week 3

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Week three update is in, Jared, Jon and Collin join me for some more campaign talk as we prepare for week 4 and some upcoming action.The Alpha Legion would soon get to wreak bloody havoc on their foes. Week 4 will be up in a day or two.

Absolution Podcast Week 2

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Week 2 of the Absolution Campaign is in the books and things are getting more lively. My plans were mostly thwarted, though I did autosecure one territory. Some Space Wolves had the audacity to offer an alliance to a strike cruiser bearing Lord Ahriman himself, this gaffe shall not soon be forgotten. He and the Alpha Legion will keep an eye on this one.

Noobhammer Episode 33 Nathan For You

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In this episode we cover a whole host of hobby and gaming. I got in two 40k tourneys, three fantasy games and painted almost 2000 pts of Chaos Space Marines. Jason made it to one of the tourneys and considered picking up a paintbrush. We discuss our team tourney tactics that led to most of Jason’s Ultramarines dieing bravely and my Alpha Legion standing on objectives. We get into a bit of a rant about cheating by omission and bad dice handling and why you shouldn’t try to paint 36 cultists in one go.

Absolution Podcast Week 1 Kickoff

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Something new will be popping up in the feed in the weeks to come. Jared, Jon and I will be doing weekly updates for our map based 40k campaign. For those who have no interest, feel free to skip over these episodes, I think they’ll be aimed primarily at the league’s participants. But I felt that some might enjoy some insight into running a narrative based campaign and we are striving to keep these updates entertaining. The first week has been a bit slow as some are being cowardly cautious, not wanting to commit their forces too early. Hoping to seize some advantage from this, I was the first to put boots on the field and will be striving to create a toehold in the deserted city of Thronheim. We shall see who is brave or foolish enough to challenge the ineffable designs of the Alpha Legion.

ODAM#5: The V’s Knees

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Gee wilikers guys! The super neat-o keen cast of the Of Dice and Men podcast are back and more radical than ever. This episode really is the cat’s pajamas as we discuss the new Tau codex. We jaw about the nifty idea of Gw being bought out by hasbro and other assorted ramblings as usual. So put on your most spiffy pair of headphones, sit back and end enjoy another swell episode of the ODAM podcast. Also, 23 skidoo!

Noobhammer Episode 32 Tourney Time

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A new record! Two episodes in one day! Micheal Biancone joins me for a talk about his upcoming 40k tournament Berks Spring Assault 4. We also talk about tourney prep, tactics and what makes a good warhammer event. Enjoy this wealth of content, there will undoubtedly be more to come.

Noobhammer Episode 31, An Easter Miracle

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Little known fact: today marks two years of podcasting for us here at Noobhammer. To celebrate, here is the latest installment. Jason is back and we have Ashley on the show as well to talk about the new Tau Empire releases. Unfortunately, Ashley couldn’t stay for the whole show, but Jason and I soldier on and discuss the changes to the Warriors of chaos and I recount another glorious victory for my tournament VC list. Enjoy!

For those who may have asked, here is the vamp list I’ve been running.


Ghoul King, Biting blade, dragonbane gem, other trickster’s shard, Fear incarnate, Red fury  360 pts.

Master Necro, lv 4, Black Pariapt   255 pts


Vampire Bsb, Screaming Banner, Lore of Shadow 161

Necro, lv 2 death, ironcurse icon   105


Zombiesx20, standard  65

zombiesx21, standard   68

Ghoulsx32  330

ghoulsx12 130

dire wolvesx5   40


Spirit Host   45

Corpse Cart, Lodestone   120

Fell batsx2   32

Grave Guardx24, full command, banner of the barrows, Great Weapons   368


Terrorgheist   225

Black Coach   195



Noobhammer Episode 30: Lancashire Wargaming Masters Coverage

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We’re back! Well, I am at least. Jason is still out on sabbatical, so I was forced to replace him with not one, but two hosts. Jared and Jon join me for a discussion of the Lancashire Wargaming club’s Masters Tournament. Ok, so it was just a fund raiser for the club, but I thought if I hyped it Ben Curry might cover it on his bad dice daily show. I meant to get some on site coverage, but it turns out that everyone clams up in the presence of microphones. Next time I think I’ll just hide a digital recorder in my Terrorgheist. So I settled for an in depth interview with the tourney champion. Enjoy!


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Here is he latest installment of our international podcasting coalition.

Noobhammer Episode 29: Dark Angels We Have Heard on High

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No, this is not us singing warhammer themed Christmas carols. We’re here to talk about the Dark Angels and their curiously phalic battlegear. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…. I also discuss my first commission painting project and some details about the show’s direction in the new year. To round out the episode, we have an interview with John Taylor, creator of Battlescribe, a mobile roster editor. It’s great for those times when you are stuck somewhere against your will, like in a P.O.W. camp or if your girlfriend makes you watch Twilight with her….

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Noobhammer Episode 28 The Superfriends….OF CHAOS!

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It’s finally here! The episode I forgot to mix! In this thrilling installment, I talk about my second game of Vampires vs. Skaven, Jason and I recap a megabattle that lasted three turns and 8 hours, and I give an assesment of my first real game with the Chaos codex. Also, Jason tells us why he is going to the darkside of using named characters and I complain that my chaos rhino doesn’t have the right number of holes.

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Ok, everyone has been on my case to post this, so here it is, the second spectacular podcast entity that is Of Dice And Men. In this episode we all strive diligently to create some manner of content, to varying degrees of success. We talk about a few blogs and then spend a very long time discussing how horrible Adam’s favorite game is. In the end there is still an inordinate amount of name calling and off color jokes, but I suppose that’s what makes us so entertaining.

Noobhammer Episode 27: Real Men Get Fluffed

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As promised, here is a little something to entertain you on your holiday commute. It’s a short one, so make sure you check out our new project Of Dice And Men if you have a long haul to get to your turkey day feast. In this episode I discuss my insanely rapid fall to chaos (100 marines and counting), a tournament I accidentally took part in and the first installment of me being a dick to Lee, a newcomer to the skaven army. Jason talks about sculpting an amazing replacement for the dated Typhus model and the way his chaos marines destroyed Ed’s Ork mob with a few swings of Kharn the Betrayer’s axe. That’s about it guys, Happy Tofurkey Day!

This episode sponsored by: For all your hobby needs To carry all your wargaming needs.

And Now for Something Completely Different

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No, this isn’t a new episode of Noobhammer, and no, this isn’t us going away or changing our show. What this is is a brand spanking new podcast talk-show type thing, spanning the globe with hard-hitting journalism about the newest trends and ideas from the world of wargaming. Well, okay, it isn’t that either, but we guarantee you’ll laugh, cry, and probably even learn an important lesson or two. Look, just listen to it already. Featuring Jason and I, Adam and John from some other podcast and Phil from the shellcase. Enjoy!

Episode 26: All the colors of the Chaos Rainbow

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Death to the false emperor!!! Ahem. In today’s episode, we research further the foul taint of chaos. A page-by-page run-down of the full color codex that is taking the warhammer world by storm. Joining us is U.K. based inquisitor Phil from the Ordo Shellcase. We try to stay on topic, a futile goal if I ever heard one, and give our ideas on what’s hot and what’snot. Also, Thousand Sons are awesome!!! After that, I review another book that would make Inquisitors cringe, The Path of the Renegade by Andy Chambers.

This episode sponsored by: For all your hobby needs To carry all your wargaming needs.

Noobhammer Episode 25; Chaos Ensues

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We’re back again with what amounts to a guest host sandwich with a bit of hobby in the middle. Sounds dirty. Adam from War and More Radio interrupts our previously scheduled recording and we tolerate his presence…for now. We go over our thoughts and feelings about the new chaos releases and I go a little fanboy over the digital white dwarf. Then we have a bit of a hobby tip about magnets and plasticard and the proper application of said items. Then for some reason we bring Adam back on to talk about the black library expo in Chestermere, Canadia.

We want to take a quick moment to welcome our newest sponser The Wargamer’s Cave. They are an online retailer that offer some of the best prices you can get on the web on GW and other hobby games, and offer great customer service to boot. check them out at


Episode 24 Gets Dark….With a Vengeance

Posted: 28th September 2012 by adeptus_mechanicus in podcasts

Today’s action packed episode is filmed partly live on location at Lancashire Wargaming club in beautiful Lititz, Pa. We capture my initial reactions to Dark Vengeance, as I literally received my copy five minutes prior to recording. With my brand spanking new box of space marines in hand….wait, I own space marines now? NOOOOO! My greenskin cohorts will disown me! It’s not my fault, those models are damned amazing. Anyway, we also manage an interview with Luthor Huss author Chris Wraight and I lament my first 6th ed game in which I am tactically betrayed by my thousand sons allies. Not sure why I didn’t see that one coming.

Episode 23: Velociraptor Feet?

Posted: 24th August 2012 by adeptus_mechanicus in podcasts

We apologize for the delays, episode 23 suffered multiple deepstrike mishaps, but we succesfully rolled for reserves and now it’ts back in full effect.  This time Jason gets a hard-on for the new starter set as it’s filled to the brim with genhanced men in power armor, I get a little ranty about the newest finecast releases and we talk with little to no authority about the new sixth edition rules. As a special treat, this episode includes not one but two female gamers, as i interview Gemma Noon about the Black Library Live event in October and Heather discusses why deamonettes lack something in the sex appeal department and gives her overall impression on learning the ropes in warhammer Fantasy. Enjoy!


Catch us on twitter: @noobhammerN8 and @thefellhand

Our facebook group:

Info on Black Library Live event:


Episode 22 What Would Sigmar Do?

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This episode we invite our own real life warrior priest Jared onto the show. Though I doubt you’ll find him running around with a giant war hammer, Jared has been playing Empire since the book released and we get his opinion on the best ways to play as them and more imporantly how to kick the tar out of them. Jason actually plays a game this time and mine are too horrible to speak of. Heads up for something new next episode and we promise we’ll finally talk about 40k.

Episode 21: Urge To Kill Rising….

Posted: 12th June 2012 by adeptus_mechanicus in Uncategorized

….And so are GW’s prices. That’s right, boys and girls, It’s time for another angry rant about the inevitable and inexplicable increase in both the company’s profits as well as my own personal debt. Gotta have my fix. We give our opinion on the new 40k flying contraptions, I love the Ork jet, must have one of those for the armada. We also caught up with Pat from 11th company podcast to get his perspective on the hobby and learn a little about his podcast. Finally I go over some more battle reports from my thursday night league and jason gives some excuses for why he hasn’t played a game in the last two podcast cycles.

Episode 20 Growing Pains

Posted: 26th May 2012 by adeptus_mechanicus in podcasts

As Jason settles in to his new digs and I prepare to start a new job we continue to bring you podcasts cause that’s just the kind of stand-up guys we are. We don’t really have a main topic for this one, just some hobby updates and battle reports. I took a harder look at some of the less used units in the High Elf army and proved they were worth taking when all of the internet wisdom said otherwise. I’m talking near 600 point star dragon here. Jason continues to plug his side business ( ) and we welcome our new sponsor KR Multicase. Check them both out, and maybe I’ll have a side business of my own to plug. Freelance podcast mixing, anyone? No seriously, hit me up. Some of you could use the help.

Episode 19……Or is it?

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Back again with a tournament report from Berks Spring Assault 3! My cheesy Orks and Jason’s equally cheesy Grey Knights head out to do battle. (seriously, last time I’m going to call them cheesy. They die like any other space marine, you just have to shoot them twice as much. that doesn’t make them broken, honestly.) We cover some shenanigans involving a vermin lord and an outhouse and briefly touch on the new Necron models released this month. Briefly because, lets face it, Necrons all look the same to us.

Episode 18: End of an Empire

Posted: 27th April 2012 by adeptus_mechanicus in Uncategorized

Gather around ye accolytes of Sigmar, to discuss the end of an era. Mourn the passing of auto dispel, talk about the old days when mortars were a mans weapon and ponder the sudden appearance of newfangled monstrous cav. Also we have an in depth discussion with yugo from about the world of commission painting and some general hobby tips that will be of value to noobs and veterans alike. Check out his youtube page! here’s one stemming from our discussion.

Noobhammer Episode 17: We Can Strike From Anywhere

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We’re back after a longer than normal break, the new studio is up and running and I now live 4 minutes away from a gaming store. W00t! Anyway, in this episode, recorded in multiple locations and times, we discuss our victories and failures in gaming, an extended and needlessly suggestive tutorial on making snow bases and Jason records an interview from the grocery checkout line. Only on Noobhammer….

Episode 16: Warning: This Episode May Contain Dan Abnett

Posted: 13th February 2012 by adeptus_mechanicus in Uncategorized

Alright guys, we bring it back around for some 40k love. First we go over our normal schtick, discussing our weeks in hobby, any news or observations. Then we wrap it up with a discussion of the space pup….wolves. A full book review with our take on their strengths and weaknesses. Oh wait, think I forgot something…..oh, yeah. Dan Abnett.

Be afraid, be very afraid..or not if you happen to be an astartes. In this episode we focus on the new vampire counts release. We sink our teeth into the new units, the modified rules and the amazingly inspiring cover art. We’ll also discuss our take on Dan Abnett’s new Horus Heresy novel Know No Fear. It’s being released in March. And before you ask, this wasn’t leaked, they gave it to us. Because we’re journalists. Kind of. Here’s the link, check it out.

Episode 14: Leaked!

Posted: 14th January 2012 by adeptus_mechanicus in podcasts

NOTE: due to some internet shenanigans the episode ends abruptly. Will have it fixed by 4pm eastern.

2nd NOTE: Fixed!!!!

After a slight delay we return for the first podcast of the new year! We discuss our games since last we spoke, further ways of schooling noobs, review some stellar black library releases and a codex review of space wol……..wait, whats this? We’ve just gotten word that a succesful raid has been pulled off on the GW nottingham compound. Some brave soul has succesfully escaped with the galley proof of the 40k 6th edition rule set! Not everyone made it back, however. Steve will be missed….we bumped the space puppy review to chat with veteran rules guru Jeff Stuckey about the validity of the leak and hear a little bit about Killzone, which we will discuss more in depth on a later episode.

Also, all you noobs out there in the Pa area, pay heed. There will be a 40k noobhammer tournament feb 11 and 12 during the cabin fever gt. 1500pts, NOVA format, models need NOT be painted and we will probably both be in attendance. Playing of course. We’re Noobs, don’t expect us to go around running tourneys. And just because our podcast is in the name, doesn’t mean we’ll get special treatment. Probably…..

Episode 13: The Dreaded Thirteenth!!!!

Posted: 22nd December 2011 by adeptus_mechanicus in Uncategorized

Here in time for the holiday weekend we have a special episode focusing on the chittering horde! Nate relays his experiences with the self destructive vermin and goes over the finer points of not blowing yourself up. Also included is a review of “Thorn and Talon” a new audio drama by the man himself Dan Abnett. We enjoyed it so much we created one of our own as an intro. Hope you enjoy it. Have a happy holiday and may Santa Khorne bring you lots of fresh plasti-crack!

Episode 12: Necrons 2: Judgement Day

Posted: 15th December 2011 by adeptus_mechanicus in Uncategorized

We’re back! Episode 12 uses it’s reanimation protocol to pick up where 11 left off. I relay my first experience with the random misfire-ey goodness of Skaven with a battle report and marvel as my luck kills twice the number of ratmen as my opponent does. Listen in amazement as we analyze the finer points of filing down mold lines! Be shocked as we lay bare the tactical possibilities of the army that may very well be wrecking your day in the upcoming months! Also wonder why we chose to run a commercial for our own podcast on our podcast. Marketing brilliance or desperation to fill up space? i’m going to guess the latter of the two. So listen to us if you want to live.

Noobhammer Episode 11: Power Fluffer

Posted: 28th November 2011 by adeptus_mechanicus in Uncategorized

This episode is all about fluffing. Umm….as in the story behind the armies you perv. We discuss the importance of story to the hobby, talk to Vince Rospond, the man in charge of distributing those stories to North America, and have part 1 of our review of the new Necron codex. Also, liquid green stuff: What is it? Where does it come from? Who wants to buy it? All this and more in episode 11 of the Noobhamer podcast.