With a general score of 4.4 on Android, Taps to Riches is quite a popular and interesting game. In essence, this is a city-building game, but you’ll be doing a lot more than mindlessly placing buildings on an online board. You will be learning about putting your life together and building a business from the bottom.

The story

At first, you are an ex-villain who paid his duty to society and now is free to work on his dreams. Your character’s big dream is to build an empire and become a real estate tycoon. So, you start with buying a few lands where you will build structures that will produce money for you. With the profit you get out of this initial investment, you will be able to buy more land and extend your domination over the city, until finally, you get to own the entire city.

taps to riches

The gameplay

While it may seem like a boring tap-and-build game, Taps to Riches is so much more. Your job is to make sure you implement the best business strategy so you can optimize your profits. You have to learn how to think like a big investor and how to invest in businesses that will bring you more and more money. The main rule is: the more you invest in a building, the more money it will bring you back. This means that each building must be maintained and upgraded if you want your customers to be happy with your services.

To make sure everything goes according to plan, you will have to hire advisors. This will help you unlock bonuses and interesting features that, in the end, will increase your wealth. Also, you can collect BizBots if you want to increase the value of your business and increase the building speed.

The interesting part with Taps to Riches is that, once you finished building and developing one city, you can always move to the next one. You can have hundreds of cities wherever you want (on the beach, in the mountains, or on exotic islands). If you know how to exploit the local resources, your city will be an attraction for tourists and other investors.

We absolutely loved Taps to Riches and the idea behind it! Besides being extremely vivid and exciting, the game is a great business educator and can teach you a lot about how to run a business.

Well, if you’re a soccer fan, then you should consider installing Dream League Soccer Hack on your mobile devices! You never know when the possibility of some free times shows up in the middle of the day and it’s always helpful to have your favorite game around.

The video game was released in February 2016 and can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. Since then, it got pretty popular all over the world, but this was to be expected with players like Diego Costa and Aaron Ramsey on the cover. For instance, on Google Play store, the game already got over 50 million downloads and a general score of 4.5. Users everywhere find it addictive and fun to play, with a solid gameplay and an interesting action.

Keep in mind that anyone can download and install the game, but if you are prepared to invest some real money, you can get the upper hand.

Dream League Soccer Hack

The gameplay

If the word soccer is in the title, then the game must be about soccer right? Well, yes there is soccer, but it’s also a bit more than that since this is an association football game. Dream League Soccer Hack allows you to be the manager of your own team and see the game and the glamor from behind the scenes. Your main purpose is to create your own dream team and attract famous players on your side.

You start as the manager of Dream FC (a random team of players), where you can change the kit, the boots and, more important, the name of the team. Your initial team is formed out of no names who you can train to become someone or trade for better players. In the end, you will be able to even hire legends like Aaron Ramsey in your team.

As a rookie manager, you start in the Academy Division and move your way through divisions 3, 2, and 1 up to Junior Elite. The final goal is to reach the Elite Division where the best players are making a show out of every game. You also have to complete your goals per season so you can be the best club in the game.

Once you move past Elite Division, it’s time to play your chance for the International Cup, in the Allstars XI division. This moves you up to the Allstars Cup and finally, you’ll get to play the First Touch United where you play against pros.

Great features that make the game amazing

One feature you’ll love in Dream League Soccer Hack, is the graphic detail and the smooth movement. Every player is well-designed and everything around looks extremely life-like showing that the developer paid close attention to every detail. Even more, the soundtrack is absolutely amazing for a soccer game and it will completely immerse you in the atmosphere.

Another feature that makes everything quite great is the fact that you can recruit real-life professional footballers, listed in the FIFPro. You also get to have your own stadium that you can name as you like and, as you grow, you get to upgrade it with various gear.

FIFA 17 Mobile is the new hype in the mobile gaming world and both fans and newbies can enjoy a new and improved version designed exclusively for mobile platforms. Formerly known as FIFA Ultimate Team or FUT the new installment in the FIFA series comes with new features, Modes, and graphics which may be a bit misleading. To help you out we put together a list with the most helpful tips and tricks so take a look below and let us know what you think.

fifa 17 mobile free coins and points

#1: Daily practice via warm up & drills

Even though you’re used to the FIFA general gameplay, you should still consider including the daily warm up in your list of activities. Not only it will keep you on your toes and ready for action, but it will also give you FIFA 17 Mobile free coins and points of experience. This way, you’ll have enough coins to open new missions sooner than later.

There is also a drills section where you get to improve your skills so you shouldn’t ignore it; especially if you’re a beginner.

#2:  Don’t skip the tutorial mode

Who likes to play a game following the tutorial? Well, we are not such big fans of the tutorial mode, but if you want some extra FIFA 17 Mobile free coins and points we suggest you take it to the end. On top of that, you’ll get some precious tips and tricks which you might’ve missed in the previous versions.

#3: Don’t ignore the Live Events section

Another way to earn FIFA 17 Mobile free coins and points is to keep an eye on the Live Events section. The first rewards are quite fat and they will decrease as you advance. Still, you also have the chance of getting cards which are great for improving your game.

#4: Make use of the Attack Mode

FIFA 17 Mobile comes with a new mode called the Attack Mode. While in this mode, you can play against players from all over the world (you have the possibility to challenge them). The best part is that you don’t have to win to get rewards; you just have to perform admirably. So, if you score and you make a good game, you’ll still get plenty of rewards.

#5: You don’t have to play every game

FIFA 17 Mobile is equipped with an AI mode that will play the game for you if you’re not in the mood to interact. It won’t be your best game but in some cases it is the recommended option. Keep in mind that the AI has a great aim which makes it great in the aforementioned Attack Mode.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack is a silky-smooth fighting game with several interesting modes and RPG elements. The mobile version is freemium and you can download it for the most popular mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows.

As you may be already aware, Shadow Fight 2 Hack is actually a sequel to the popular Facebook game (browser-based), with in-app purchases. While the game is wildly popular on Android with over 100 million downloads and a general score of 4.6 there are several complaints about the freemium version. The game is specially designed to not allow users to move on with the action until they buy something using real money. This may be a powerful turn off since many people are not interested in spending real cash in mobile games. Still, if you can move pass this impediment, Shadow Fight 2 Hack is a really great game!

shadow fight 2 hack ios android windows

The Gameplay

The entire action is depicted in 2D but this doesn’t make the game less sophisticated or interesting. The main purpose is to fight your way through glory using a classic formula: 3 matches against opponents generated and controlled by a computer.

The unique element that makes this game interesting and visually attractive is the unusual representation of the fighters – as shadows. You are basically a shadow figurine fighting another shadow against a well-represented background. The contrast is appealing and creates a mystic world that fits right into the sub story. The story talks about a warrior became a shadow after an ancient evil was released. Now he is fighting for his life and his main purpose is to defeat all the obstacles this evil put in his way to closing the Gate of Shadows.

As you advance in the game, you’ll learn different fighting styles (a few dozen of Martial Arts techniques) and you get to increase your weapon arsenal. Weapons can be bought or earned in the game but there is no limit when it comes to lethal guns/ swords or armor sets. In the end, your main purpose is to defeat your enemies and mean bosses to reach the Gate of Shadows. The great part is that the game is specially designed for a touch surface so you won’t have issues with finding and using the available controls.

Features we loved

Yes, Shadow Fight 2 Hack is an awesome game, and here is why:

  • The graphic interface – the contrast between the fighting shadows and the beautiful images in the background is absolutely amazing! Even more, the animations and the entire movement are silky-smooth creating beautiful fighting scenes that you usually find in high-quality movies.
  • The storyline is intriguing and attractive – you start the game by learning that the shadow hero is fighting for his life and soul after being enslaved by an ancient evil. I mean who doesn’t like this kind of stuff?
  • The 2D representation – it may seem old-school, but it is also classic and somehow elegant. All big fighting games implement this style and they are not wrong since it allows the user to understand complicated movements at a whole new level.
  • You get to customize your hero’s arsenal and armor – as you go into the game, you earn a wide range of weapons which will make the action more interesting.

Fallout Shelter appeals to one of the darkest futures of humanity and transforms it into a possibility to rebuild the world as you would like it, but underground. This freemium game was developed by Bethesda Game Studios with a bit of help from Behaviour Interactive and works on iOS, Android, and Windows.


The gameplay & Features

The story is quite dark as it starts with how the world is facing an impending disaster and our only salvation is represented by the underground shelters built to protect the human race. However, things get a bit more cheery when you are named the Vault overseer over one of these shelters and you get to be the leader of a small community.

Fallout Shelter is a simulation of the real life as you will have to make sure everyone is happy and they have everything they need. For this, your job is to build various rooms underground where to plant food and offer entertainment for your community. If people are happy, your community will grow and you will have more people to assign to various tasks like working in various resource-generating buildings. You also can train people into becoming skilled in a certain career.

Fallout Shelter will increase your management capabilities as you will be the leader of a quite vocal community. Your job is to make sure there are enough resources (food, power, or water) and this can be tricky at some times. However, management is not your only responsibility. You also have to protect the community you create from threats outside the Vault. This requires having trained troops ready for battle which means more people in your community. The people you are managing are called dwellers and there are 2 ways to get more of them:

  • Wait for them to come to you from the outside (wastelands) – usually, the more great rooms you have, the more will come. If you need more people and fast, build a radio room.
  • Play matchmaker and let them make babies

Unlike other freemium games, Fallout Shelter doesn’t offer the possibility to speed up time with real money. It only offers the possibility to buy tools and other items that are necessary to building various rooms

In the end, Fallout Shelter is quite a complex game and requires your constant attention and focus. It can be a bit addictive, but it’s also fun and exciting!