Fallout Shelter appeals to one of the darkest futures of humanity and transforms it into a possibility to rebuild the world as you would like it, but underground. This freemium game was developed by Bethesda Game Studios with a bit of help from Behaviour Interactive and works on iOS, Android, and Windows.


The gameplay & Features

The story is quite dark as it starts with how the world is facing an impending disaster and our only salvation is represented by the underground shelters built to protect the human race. However, things get a bit more cheery when you are named the Vault overseer over one of these shelters and you get to be the leader of a small community.

Fallout Shelter is a simulation of the real life as you will have to make sure everyone is happy and they have everything they need. For this, your job is to build various rooms underground where to plant food and offer entertainment for your community. If people are happy, your community will grow and you will have more people to assign to various tasks like working in various resource-generating buildings. You also can train people into becoming skilled in a certain career.

Fallout Shelter will increase your management capabilities as you will be the leader of a quite vocal community. Your job is to make sure there are enough resources (food, power, or water) and this can be tricky at some times. However, management is not your only responsibility. You also have to protect the community you create from threats outside the Vault. This requires having trained troops ready for battle which means more people in your community. The people you are managing are called dwellers and there are 2 ways to get more of them:

  • Wait for them to come to you from the outside (wastelands) – usually, the more great rooms you have, the more will come. If you need more people and fast, build a radio room.
  • Play matchmaker and let them make babies

Unlike other freemium games, Fallout Shelter doesn’t offer the possibility to speed up time with real money. It only offers the possibility to buy tools and other items that are necessary to building various rooms

In the end, Fallout Shelter is quite a complex game and requires your constant attention and focus. It can be a bit addictive, but it’s also fun and exciting!

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