Shadow Fight 2 Hack is a silky-smooth fighting game with several interesting modes and RPG elements. The mobile version is freemium and you can download it for the most popular mobile platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows.

As you may be already aware, Shadow Fight 2 Hack is actually a sequel to the popular Facebook game (browser-based), with in-app purchases. While the game is wildly popular on Android with over 100 million downloads and a general score of 4.6 there are several complaints about the freemium version. The game is specially designed to not allow users to move on with the action until they buy something using real money. This may be a powerful turn off since many people are not interested in spending real cash in mobile games. Still, if you can move pass this impediment, Shadow Fight 2 Hack is a really great game!

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The Gameplay

The entire action is depicted in 2D but this doesn’t make the game less sophisticated or interesting. The main purpose is to fight your way through glory using a classic formula: 3 matches against opponents generated and controlled by a computer.

The unique element that makes this game interesting and visually attractive is the unusual representation of the fighters – as shadows. You are basically a shadow figurine fighting another shadow against a well-represented background. The contrast is appealing and creates a mystic world that fits right into the sub story. The story talks about a warrior became a shadow after an ancient evil was released. Now he is fighting for his life and his main purpose is to defeat all the obstacles this evil put in his way to closing the Gate of Shadows.

As you advance in the game, you’ll learn different fighting styles (a few dozen of Martial Arts techniques) and you get to increase your weapon arsenal. Weapons can be bought or earned in the game but there is no limit when it comes to lethal guns/ swords or armor sets. In the end, your main purpose is to defeat your enemies and mean bosses to reach the Gate of Shadows. The great part is that the game is specially designed for a touch surface so you won’t have issues with finding and using the available controls.

Features we loved

Yes, Shadow Fight 2 Hack is an awesome game, and here is why:

  • The graphic interface – the contrast between the fighting shadows and the beautiful images in the background is absolutely amazing! Even more, the animations and the entire movement are silky-smooth creating beautiful fighting scenes that you usually find in high-quality movies.
  • The storyline is intriguing and attractive – you start the game by learning that the shadow hero is fighting for his life and soul after being enslaved by an ancient evil. I mean who doesn’t like this kind of stuff?
  • The 2D representation – it may seem old-school, but it is also classic and somehow elegant. All big fighting games implement this style and they are not wrong since it allows the user to understand complicated movements at a whole new level.
  • You get to customize your hero’s arsenal and armor – as you go into the game, you earn a wide range of weapons which will make the action more interesting.

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