Well, if you’re a soccer fan, then you should consider installing Dream League Soccer Hack on your mobile devices! You never know when the possibility of some free times shows up in the middle of the day and it’s always helpful to have your favorite game around.

The video game was released in February 2016 and can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. Since then, it got pretty popular all over the world, but this was to be expected with players like Diego Costa and Aaron Ramsey on the cover. For instance, on Google Play store, the game already got over 50 million downloads and a general score of 4.5. Users everywhere find it addictive and fun to play, with a solid gameplay and an interesting action.

Keep in mind that anyone can download and install the game, but if you are prepared to invest some real money, you can get the upper hand.

Dream League Soccer Hack

The gameplay

If the word soccer is in the title, then the game must be about soccer right? Well, yes there is soccer, but it’s also a bit more than that since this is an association football game. Dream League Soccer Hack allows you to be the manager of your own team and see the game and the glamor from behind the scenes. Your main purpose is to create your own dream team and attract famous players on your side.

You start as the manager of Dream FC (a random team of players), where you can change the kit, the boots and, more important, the name of the team. Your initial team is formed out of no names who you can train to become someone or trade for better players. In the end, you will be able to even hire legends like Aaron Ramsey in your team.

As a rookie manager, you start in the Academy Division and move your way through divisions 3, 2, and 1 up to Junior Elite. The final goal is to reach the Elite Division where the best players are making a show out of every game. You also have to complete your goals per season so you can be the best club in the game.

Once you move past Elite Division, it’s time to play your chance for the International Cup, in the Allstars XI division. This moves you up to the Allstars Cup and finally, you’ll get to play the First Touch United where you play against pros.

Great features that make the game amazing

One feature you’ll love in Dream League Soccer Hack, is the graphic detail and the smooth movement. Every player is well-designed and everything around looks extremely life-like showing that the developer paid close attention to every detail. Even more, the soundtrack is absolutely amazing for a soccer game and it will completely immerse you in the atmosphere.

Another feature that makes everything quite great is the fact that you can recruit real-life professional footballers, listed in the FIFPro. You also get to have your own stadium that you can name as you like and, as you grow, you get to upgrade it with various gear.

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