With a general score of 4.4 on Android, Taps to Riches is quite a popular and interesting game. In essence, this is a city-building game, but you’ll be doing a lot more than mindlessly placing buildings on an online board. You will be learning about putting your life together and building a business from the bottom.

The story

At first, you are an ex-villain who paid his duty to society and now is free to work on his dreams. Your character’s big dream is to build an empire and become a real estate tycoon. So, you start with buying a few lands where you will build structures that will produce money for you. With the profit you get out of this initial investment, you will be able to buy more land and extend your domination over the city, until finally, you get to own the entire city.

taps to riches

The gameplay

While it may seem like a boring tap-and-build game, Taps to Riches is so much more. Your job is to make sure you implement the best business strategy so you can optimize your profits. You have to learn how to think like a big investor and how to invest in businesses that will bring you more and more money. The main rule is: the more you invest in a building, the more money it will bring you back. This means that each building must be maintained and upgraded if you want your customers to be happy with your services.

To make sure everything goes according to plan, you will have to hire advisors. This will help you unlock bonuses and interesting features that, in the end, will increase your wealth. Also, you can collect BizBots if you want to increase the value of your business and increase the building speed.

The interesting part with Taps to Riches is that, once you finished building and developing one city, you can always move to the next one. You can have hundreds of cities wherever you want (on the beach, in the mountains, or on exotic islands). If you know how to exploit the local resources, your city will be an attraction for tourists and other investors.

We absolutely loved Taps to Riches and the idea behind it! Besides being extremely vivid and exciting, the game is a great business educator and can teach you a lot about how to run a business.

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